Nutritional programme


Nutritional programme

Natural health villa has adopted a life cycle approach to tackle malnutrition addressing the adolescent girls, pregnant / lactating mothers and 0 - 3 year olds and people who r suffering from common human diseases and deficiencies of minerals and vitamins and the need for family planning, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge is evident. We try to give AS MUCH AS nutritional support by campaigns operate in the areas of health skills, maternal and child health and nutrition, family planning, adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Nearly 40% of children and women are malnourished. Natural health villa, through its network is working on various aspects of nutrition. This includes growth monitoring through the N.H.V, dietary management, trials with local nutritious diet, etc.Promotion of exclusive breast-feeding is an important activity. Weaning is advocated using nutritious weaning foods. Mothers are provided information on types of diet to use. Maternal nutrition is given special importance. An ongoing survey of maternal nutrition and associated risk factors is being conducted. Health workers in their house-to-house visits give nutrition counseling for mothers and children. Weekly assessments are done. Group discussions are held with mothers family. Cost-effective alternate food sources are encouraged and given by organization too. Trainings on nutrition are held for community workers and other health care providers including doctors and nutritions. we emphasize service to at-risk populations, such as orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and people living with

HIV/AIDS.we try to provide meal with vitamins and minerals to reduce the malnourishments by campaigns in rural areas, slum areas,orphanage,poor families.

The main activities of the program is children screened as acutely malnourished are followed up on a regular basis to monitor their nutritional status and the mothers are provided counseling through individual home visits and community events. And provide vitamins and minerals substitutes if required.

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